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Upcoming Classes

Arboriculture 101 - 2025

Date TBD, 2025
Bryan, Texas

If you are preparing for the ISA Certified Arborist exam, interested in improving your knowledge of trees, or need CEUs, Arboriculture 101 is for you. It is a comprehensive, four-day short course designed to offer practitioners in-depth knowledge of urban trees and their care.


Driver & Fleet Management Workshop

June 27, 2024

3pm - 5pm Central

Having the right drivers and keeping your vehicles and equipment in tip-top shape are essential for your business.  These practices can result in fewer break-downs, fewer violations, fewer accidents, and lower costs!  In other words Safe Driver + Maintained Fleet = Higher Profits!  

This original webinar covers a workbook created by ArboRisk Insurance to help you customize a plan for your company. Topics include: Written Policies & Procedures, Hiring the Best Drivers, Managing Drivers, Fleet Management, and Compliance.  2 hours

Chipper Operations & Safety

This webinar covers ANSI and OSHA standards, accident prevention, types of chippers, chipper safety devices, transporting a chipper, setting up at a job site, traffic control, and much more!

4 hours

Stay tuned!

Working Safely Around Dogs

July, 12, 2024

1pm - 4pm Central

A lot of dogs are happy, friendly family pets. However, there are situations that can frighten or upset even the most well-trained dogs. As arborists, we can also encounter dogs that are not happy, friendly, or well-trained. After learning about a line clearance company that had 52 dog bites reported in one year, we decided that this would be a good topic to cover.

This course covers challenges for utility arborists as well as commercial arborists, communicating with clients/dog owners, understanding and reading dog behavior, reacting to dog behavior, first aid in case of a bite, and legal implications.  3 hours

Electrical Hazards

Electricity is a serious and widespread hazard to arborists. Even if you're not working around distribution lines, a simple phone line can be energized with enough voltage to kill. This informative class will keep you in compliance with ANSI to train each employee on electrical hazards and, most importantly, help keep you and your employees safe!  5 hours

Stay tuned!

Chainsaw Operations & Safety

This webinar is designed to educate attendees in safe practices for chainsaw use. Taught by Jeff Thierbach, BCMA, Utility Specialist, RCA, and CTSP, this course covers: procedures for operation and maintenance, hazard awareness, correct PPE, and more.  4 hours

Stay tuned!
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