UPCOMING ONLINE TRAINING with Streamside Green & Victorian Gardens

August 21, 2020

Safety Director Webinar

This webinar works its way through the scope of the position of Safety Director, from record keeping to knowledge. The curriculum is developed to guide a Safety Director through the job, including dealing with complicated issues with employees, and helping develop strong ties to the employees and upper management.  Attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

The Skilled Foreman Webinar: Developing and Leading Your Crew

Many times an employee attains the Foreman position but does not know all the duties that go along with that job title.  This workshop was developed to help guide the new and old Foreman through the job title so he or she can make sure everyone goes home safe at night.

Estimating Your Job - Accuracy Means Profit!

Accurate estimating before a sale is crucial!  It can mean making a profit...or loss.  This webinar covers the processes and considerations required to make sure your job estimates are right on target!

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