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Arboriculture 101 - 2022

Jan 20-21 and

Feb 3-4, 2022


Central Time

If you are preparing for the ISA Certified Arborist exam, interested in improving your knowledge of trees, or need CEUs, Arboriculture 101, taught by Dr. Todd Watson, is for you. It is a comprehensive, four-day short course designed to offer practitioners in-depth knowledge of urban trees and their care.  32 ISA CEUs

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Webinars Coming in 2022

Want to learn and earn CEUs without the time and expense of travel?  Check out our webinars!  Sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications about our classes as we get them scheduled. 

Electrical Hazards

Electricity is a serious and widespread hazard to arborists. Even if you're not working around distribution lines, a simple phone line can be energized with enough voltage to kill. This informative class will keep you in compliance with ANSI to train each employee on electrical hazards and, most importantly, help keep you and your employees safe!  5 ISA and CTSP CEUs

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Bidding Accuracy Webinar

Let’s face it, without knowing your business numbers, you are unable to bid efficiently, effectively, or profitably. Too many times, business owners guess at their numbers:  what is my overhead, what should I use as my mark-up, what do my employees and equipment actually cost each day? Join us for this informative session with "High Performing Contractor" Joseph Toppi, and gain the knowledge it takes to price your jobs accurately.  1.5 ISA CEUs

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Aerial Lift Operations & Safety

This course is designed to prepare you for safe work with and near aerial lifts on the job site. It covers inspection, preparation, and driving, general standards and guidelines, safety requirements, preventing common accidents, and more! 4 ISA and CTSP CEUs

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Chipper Operations & Safety

This 4 hour class covers ANSI and OSHA standards, accident prevention, types of chippers, chipper safety devices, transporting a chipper, setting up at a job site, traffic control, and much more!


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Chainsaw Operations & Safety

This webinar is designed to educate attendees in safe practices for chainsaw use. Taught by Jeff Thierbach, BCMA, Utility Specialist, RCA, and CTSP, this course covers: procedures for operation and maintenance, hazard awareness, correct PPE, and more.  4 ISA and CTSP CEUs

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Stump Grinder Operations & Safety

This 3 hour class covers ANSI and OSHA standards, accident prevention, stump grinder devices, safety devices, transporting, setting up the job, and much more!  3 ISA and CTSP CEUs

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Near Miss Forum

Join Jeff Thierbach, BCMA, Utility Specialist, CTSP, RCA and other industry leaders as we hear about their near-miss experiences along with others, and how they could have been prevented.

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